Bees Netball

This session is aimed at girls from Year 3 to Year 6 who are new to netball. When they attend their first free taster session many have never caught a netball or even stepped foot on a netball court. However, our excellent coaching team work with the girls to give them the skills, confidence and opportunity to play and enjoy netball. We hope to quickly progress Year 6 girls up to our U12 session. They’ll then have a chance to be selected in time to play for one of our teams registered in the West Yorkshire Junior Netball League. The younger girls can look forward to entering Hi5 matches during the summer season.
With this in mind, our goal for the juniors is to improve and nurture all the players’ abilities and passion for netball, whilst making the experience fun and safe. These girls represent our future, so at this level we welcome and encourage all our girls, regardless of ability and previous experience.

Birky Bees train every Wednesday 5:45 – 7:00pm at Hope Park Business Centre.

A few of our bee netballers enjoying training at Hope Park Business Centre.

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